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Four predators approach

I looked up towards the surface to see four predators approaching, three Bluefin Trevalley (Caranx melampygus) and one Giant Trevalley a.k.a Ulua (Ulua aukea), while scuba diving off the backwall of Molokini Crater, Hawaii.

ActinopterygiiBluefin TrevallyCarangidaeCaranx melampygusChordataClass ActinopterygiiGiant TrevallyInfraclass TeleosteiMolokini Crater dive siteNeopterygiiPerciformesPercoideiPhylum ChordataSeacam underwater housingSubclass NeopterygiiTeleostTeleosteiUlua aukeaVertebratebiospherechordatein situmarine lifenaturalworldnatureunderwaterunderwaterphotowildwinter